NASDAQ:AAPL Apple Inc. stock

NASDAQ:AAPL – Apple Inc. data analysis summary on 05-03-2021:

  • Last closing quote is 121.42 USD
  • Last daily return is 1.07% (1.29 USD in absolute)
  • Last year return is 65.81%
  • Last year historical 1% Value at Risk is -7.96%

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NASDAQ:AAPL last news

  • 06/03/2021-18:54 Apple’s iMac Pro to be discontinued – CNET CNET
  • 06/03/2021-14:15 Arizona wants to get rid of Apple’s control over in-app payments in the App Store, but that won’t solve its problem with developers Business Insider
  • 06/03/2021-13:00 Apple’s foldable iPhone is probably coming, just maybe not as soon as we’d hoped – CNET CNET
  • 05/03/2021-14:57 The recent tech sell-off creates a ‘massive buying opportunity’ with another 30% jump for the sector possible in 2021, Wedbush says (QQQ, MSFT, TSLA, AAPL) Business Insider
  • 05/03/2021-13:03 Two market pros on how investors can navigate yield uncertainty CNBC
  • 05/03/2021-12:03 Apple set to face antitrust charges over Spotify complaint, according to reports MarketWatch
  • 04/03/2021-23:16 What is a CPU? A guide to the ‘brain’ of your computer or phone, including how it works Business Insider
  • 04/03/2021-20:20 Why Warren Buffett Can’t Quit the Old Economy |
  • 04/03/2021-17:35 The best sales to shop today: Dyson, Apt2B, Under Armour and more CNN
  • 04/03/2021-17:26 Apple will reportedly face charges in EU over App Store dominance CNET
  • 04/03/2021-17:09 Cathie Wood’s flagship ETF has tumbled 25% in just 3 weeks amid a sharp tech sell-off Business Insider
  • 04/03/2021-16:57 NYC shootings surged in February despite historic snowfall: NYPD New York Post
  • 04/03/2021-16:51 Tech stocks’ market leadership may be over and investors aren’t ‘bullish enough about the reopening’, says Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Business Insider
  • 04/03/2021-16:38 Qualcomm takes aim at Apple with line of wireless audio chips Yahoo Finance
  • 04/03/2021-16:36 Insights on the Surface Computing Global Market to 2027 – Featuring 3M, Apple and Ideum Among Others – Business Wire
  • 04/03/2021-16:28 Chipotle executive compensation will be based on meeting diversity and environmental targets (CMG) Business Insider
  • 04/03/2021-15:45 Exclusive: EU antitrust regulators ready Apple charges on Spotify complaint – sources
  • 03/03/2021-21:47 Apple has an easy new way to copy all your photos and videos to Google Photos CNBC
  • 03/03/2021-20:42 Twitter isn’t worried about Apple’s big privacy change, says it’ll level the playing field CNBC
  • 03/03/2021-20:12 Arizona considering law that could help Fortnite maker Epic remake Apple and Google app stores CNET
  • 03/03/2021-18:40 Strategy Analytics: Global Smart Speaker Sales Cross 150 Million Units for 2020 Following Robust Q4 Demand Business Wire
  • 03/03/2021-14:34 Target rounds out 2020 with impressive growth, but will it carry into 2021? Business Insider
  • 03/03/2021-13:09 Parler has dropped its antitrust lawsuit against Amazon, which it filed after AWS took it offline in the wake of the Capitol riots Business Insider
  • 03/03/2021-12:00 The best iPhone you can buy in 2021 CNET

NASDAQ:AAPL stock price evolution and returns

Note : Because prices are observed at a certain point and may be subject to noise, we also consider 15 days and 45 days closing price moving average which is smoother and thus robust to insignificant fluctuations.

1 month 6 months 12 months 24 months
Closing price returns -11.22% 7.62%* 65.81% 176.71%
15 days moving average returns -7.43% 2.32% 68.46% 192.00%
45 days moving average returns 0.23% 19.76% 69.61% 221.22%

Notes :

  • Reading example: NASDAQ:AAPL stock closing price has increased of 7.62%* over the last 6 months
  • Returns are not annualized

NASDAQ:AAPL stock returns distributions and risk

Daily historical returns values
1-year data 2 years of data
Value at Risk 1% -7.96% -6.52%
5% -3.90%(a) -3.26%
10% -2.97% -2.22%
Assuming daily returns follows Normal Distribution (mean, volatility)
1 year-data 2 years of data
Mean 0.23%(b) 0.23%
(standard deviation)
2.87%(c) 2.37%
Value at Risk 1% -6.45% -5.28%
5% -4.49%(d) -3.67%
10% -3.45% -2.81%


  • Reading example: Using historical NASDAQ:AAPL stock data closing price daily returns over last year, the 5% worst returns are less than -3.90%(a). Also, if we assume that historical NASDAQ:AAPL stock returns price over last year follows a normal distribution of mean 0.23%(b) and standard deviation 2.87%(c), the 5% worst returns are less than -4.49%(d).
  • Returns are not annualized

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