At Quantfizz, we use recent tools to summarize financial markets data, to provide you rigorously established indicators, to help you make decisions.

We want you to be able to challenge and to express your intuitions about the markets in a smart way.

Financial data is everywhere

One of my favorite quotes is from Professor Dan Ariely, a specialist in behavioral economics; this quote is from 2013 and is even more true nowadays :

Data is everywhere. But do we really use it? Think about financial markets (stocks, commodities, Forex, crypto, etc), with high-level stakes. As a personal investor, it is a challenge to find other stuff than some cool charts about prices and some accounting indicators (cash flow, balance sheet, income, etc).

Are these indicators really useful? Can you for example decide which stock is the riskier one?

How can you get an actionable insight?

Mathematical and quantitative finance literature, which exists and has been awarded for centuries, is the natural tool to get the juice of plenty of financial data available in the wild.

Moving average, Value at Risk, Volatility, Optimal portfolio theory, etc are exactly what you need to get a clear picture and to move smartly in financial markets.

This is what financial professionals use on a daily basis.

Of course, these indicators are not the bottom line of the story. Since they are based on historical data, they are a good basis for what will happen in the future. One may need to keep a close eye on what data tells and compilate it with personal research to be able to formulate his own decision. Like professionals.

Who am I?

I am Soufiane Khoudmi, Ph.D. in Econometrics. After a decade of working as a researcher and Data Scientist, it became clear to me that Data is everywhere but misused at best or unused at worst. Passionated about finance, I always struggled to find market information in the rigorous way I was looking for it. I began to code it, here it is.

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